Mike McManus is an artist working with metal on the line between Bushwick & Williamsburg. This is his helmet.  I went to visit Mike McManus in his ...

Mike McManus Studio Visit



I read somewhere that depression is related to a fixation on the past and anxiety relates to a fixation on the future.  The point seemed to be that the only ...

What’s Now



I worked on boards this evening.  It was hot and I lowered the shade to block the sun from beating on my legs.  I'm winding down on these traditionally ...

Still Searching



It's Saturday and I'm sitting at a desk by a heater and a window in Los Angeles.  It's getting light outside and I can hear people coughing upstairs.  I am ...

Above California


Photo 132

I took a bath and listened to Big Mama Thornton songs and selected movie stills from Dune to make into big paintings.  I made hummus.  Then I watched ...

White Polymer Beer Cans



  I had a dill and cheddar omelette for lunch, and feel a little sleepy right now.  I've got tea cooling so that should set me back into doing ...

Bead Cookies



Yesterday I went to a fashion show.  It was the first fashion show I've been to and it was so fun.  Here's how it went down: We  took the subway to 23rd ...

Rodarte Show


Photo 94

I'm sitting in a marvelous chair that doesn't ever make you tired when you sit in it, or hot, or irritable.  I think we have a mouse, which seems impossible ...

Signs of Mice


Photo 93

It's sunny and cool and I'm gearing up for an all-day Bendaroo session.  I will be wracking my brain for ideas of things to make out of bendable ...

Caffeine Shake


Photo 75

I was up at 5, lately I haven't been able to sleep in the morning.  I worked on some stuff in the kitchen for a while and listened to two guys throw glass ...

Short Time


Photo 91

I am making banana-raspberry bread.  I watched Julia Child cooking shorts on Youtube while I was baking and noticed that her voice sounds a lot like the ...

Raspberry Banana Bread


I rode a ferry to New Jersey and back.  I stayed on the Jersey side of the Hudson river for about a half hour before returning.  In the mean time I walked ...

Sam Ash Notebooks $12



I've just finished 3 hours of laying out comic book pages.  It's boring, but I'm hoping it will make things very smooth and enjoyable for the month ahead, ...

Cat Twin Power Activate!


Photo 80

It's sunny and breezy today, the windows are all open and one of our neighbors is playing music on their EXTRA LOUD concert speakers, and occasionally singing ...

Social Disorder


Photo 81

Aaah!  Pink Lemonade, somehow even more refreshing than it's yellow original.  I saw a Lamborghini showroom today.  There were three Lamborghinis in it, one ...