Rodarte Show


Yesterday I went to a fashion show.  It was the first fashion show I've been to and it was so fun.  Here's how it went down: We  took the subway to 23rd street and got out in the rain, then we frantically hailed a cab, had it stolen from under us, jumped into another one, and eventually arrived, running through the rain down a one way ...


Signs of Mice

Photo 94

I'm sitting in a marvelous chair that doesn't ever make you tired when you sit in it, or hot, or irritable.  I think we have a mouse, which seems impossible considering our double cat situation, but I have seen signs.  I am spending more time in G's studio than usual, because of the magic chair, so I'm noticing things I didn't notice ...


Caffeine Shake

Photo 93

It's sunny and cool and I'm gearing up for an all-day Bendaroo session.  I will be wracking my brain for ideas of things to make out of bendable colored-wax-string, so if anyone has any ideas, drop me a line!  I ran out of tea a couple of days ago and have switched to the turbo-charged coffee that G drinks which makes me feel like a ...