Above California


It's Saturday and I'm sitting at a desk by a heater and a window in Los Angeles.  It's getting light outside and I can hear people coughing upstairs.  I am unpacked.  I flew most of the day yesterday.  I nearly had three seats together until a woman from row 32 came up and sat in the aisle seat.  She was anxious to be in an aisle ...


White Polymer Beer Cans

Photo 132

I took a bath and listened to Big Mama Thornton songs and selected movie stills from Dune to make into big paintings.  I made hummus.  Then I watched Fantasia while modeling 25 crushed cans out of white polymer clay.  Shortly, I'll be making a couple of sculptures out of Big Bump Floam, which is Floam with giant beads instead of ...


Bead Cookies


  I had a dill and cheddar omelette for lunch, and feel a little sleepy right now.  I've got tea cooling so that should set me back into doing things faster and with more energy.  This evening I'm going to the Studio building for a "show closing".  The artist is a sculptor who makes big sculptures out of large iridescent beads ...