Mike McManus Studio Visit


   Mike McManus is an artist working with metal on the line between Bushwick & Williamsburg. This is his helmet.  I went to visit Mike McManus in his studio last week.  Mike & I were in a L.E.S. show (curated by Jenevieve) in July, and also in the Motown to Def Jam show (curated by Souleo).  His sculpture installation ...


What’s Now


I read somewhere that depression is related to a fixation on the past and anxiety relates to a fixation on the future.  The point seemed to be that the only available space for sanity was a fixation with the present.  Separating the present from the influence of the past and the future should not be the emphasis, since an attempt to ...


Still Searching


I worked on boards this evening.  It was hot and I lowered the shade to block the sun from beating on my legs.  I'm winding down on these traditionally painted realistic renderings of mug shots on skateboards.  The technique is too heavy, and it doesn't make sense with either the theme (rebellion)or the form (disposable object used for ...