Bead Cookies


I had a dill and cheddar omelette for lunch, and feel a little sleepy right now.  I’ve got tea cooling so that should set me back into doing things faster and with more energy.  This evening I’m going to the Studio building for a “show closing”.  The artist is a sculptor who makes big sculptures out of large iridescent beads and wire.  My favorites are those that look vaguely like soft chandeliers that rest on the ground.  There is a compulsory studio member meet-and-greet attached to this event.  “Compulsory” and “Meet-and-Greet” are among my least favorite expressions.  This afternoon I’m making cookies that look like piles of colored beads.  I will bring them to the meet-and-greet if they don’t look like colored turds.  Or maybe if they do!