Short Time

I was up at 5, lately I haven’t been able to sleep in the morning.  I worked on some stuff in the kitchen for a while and listened to two guys throw glass bottles against the wall in the alley.  Then I painted until 3, with a break for a frozen burrito around 1, and several cups of Awake!! tea.
I took a train and then a bus into the South Bronx.  On the way over the bridge to the Bronx we (me and the other people on the bus) saw four planes circling with big advertising banners trailing behind them.  I thought, that’s someone’s job, to fly those planes in a circle.  It seemed like a good way to spend the afternoon.
The bus driver was nice enough to explain to me how to get to the Fedex center from the last stop on the Bx33 bus.  We were in an industrial wasteland at the edge of the South Bronx.  I had to cut through a garbage-truck depot, which smelled predictably like garbage, and climb around some empty cans and there it was: The Fedex International Shipping Facility.  I took a photo.

It was picturesque: remote and grassy, under the bridge with a panoramic view of Manhattan.  I waited in a room with six other people for a long time, at one point I couldn’t help myself and rang the bell that was sitting on the empty service counter, which prompted an annoyed looking man in a Fedex outfit to instantly appear and inform us that the guy that worked there was busy looking for a package in the back of the warehouse, and then he disappeared again.  The box I was waiting for was filled with Bendaroos:  short strands of twine covered in colored wax.  The box was huge.  I transferred about a million Bendaroos into my giant shoulder bag and tossed the giant box into a dumpster outside the Garbage Truck Depot.

While I was waiting for the bus back to Manhattan a couple drove up to me and asked how to get to 75th street and Broadway in Manhattan.  They reminded me of the Geena Davis/Michael Keaton 80s comedy Short Time : Three New Yorkers rob a bank so they can escape New York forever and then they get lost in the Bronx trying to find La Guardia airport.

On our bus ride back the driver rejected three different passengers who didn’t have bus fare.  I’d never seen this before.  The South Bronx is a really really really broke area, it’s not just legend.  Sweatpants and broken flipflops broke, no bus fare broke.  Now I’m home and gearing up to go to Brooklyn for a spontaneous engagement party for a friend who just proposed to his girlfriend and has decided to celebrate her response.