Sam Ash Notebooks $12

I rode a ferry to New Jersey and back.  I stayed on the Jersey side of the Hudson river for about a half hour before returning.  In the mean time I walked along the water through an apartment complex that had installed black wooden dogs, or foxes, with white-painted leering eyes about every ten or fifteen feet along the lawn by the water.  The wooden dogs were roughly life-size and I guessed that they must be there to deter something…robbers?  wild animals?  other dogs?  Whatever their point was, they seemed to be kind of a half-hearted menace: something that makes you wonder about your own safety rather than giving the environment an overall feeling of security.  I wanted to ask one of the joggers or baby-pushers about them, but figured it was better not to question the locals.
I went to a music store: Sam Ash, to buy a music stand.  Sam Ash has two stores facing each other in Times Square, the store on the north side sells all things classical.  That’s where I went.  I liked it in there.  Everyone seemed to be having conversations about music.  While I was looking at music stands a big guy walked by and smashed me with his bag, I looked at him in an irritated way but he didn’t look at me.  The cashier that sold me the stand was wearing a blue velvet sportscoat.